October 11, 2010

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

When I was 14 some of my friends and I were hanging out on Halloween (according to my mom we were too old to go trick-or-treating) when a neighbor lady called.  She had planned an elaborate scavenger hunt all over town for her teenage daughter and some friends, somehow they couldn’t do the scavenger hunt.  The lady had spent so much time planning that she wanted someone to enjoy it hence she invited my friends and I to participate.  We talked my mom and a friend’s mom into driving and separated into two teams and off we went with our first clue.  I specifically remember one clue where we found ourselves at the local mall looking for Waldo in a sea of people.  When we had finished the scavenger hunt we congregated back at my house for hot coco and donuts.  To this day I have never had such an awesome and unique Halloween.

I would love to recreate this someday for my friends.  I wonder if I could get the details from that childhood neighbor…

“Go to where on mid-summers night a display of patriotism explodes in the sky. There you will find my secret treasure buried in the sands of youth.”