November 29, 2010

Gift Ideas

Okay, so I try to stay organized around Christmas time so that I’m thinking about gift ideas before I get to the ‘I can’t leave this store without buying my dad a gift’ point.  I hate that point, I am never happy with the gift I give when that happens.  So I start a list and write everyone’s name that I need to buy for in list style, then as I go about my days or hear him or her mention something they need, I write down the idea next to their name.  When it comes time to shop I have about four ideas for each person.  It makes the gift buying experience so much easier.  Here are some of my gift ideas for people on my list.


SISTER – big sweaters, messenger bag, fun makeup (bright lipsticks), tickets to fav concert

GRANDPA – iPad accessories, Eddie Bauer zip-up hoodie, Harry & David fruit of the month club, old western movies