May 6, 2008

Photos are my inspiration

Taking photos is easy. We all take pictures of birthdays, vacations, holidays, sports events, milestones, or just for no reason at all. But taking great photos is harder than it looks. Have you ever taken a photo were the people in the picture are so far away that you can barely tell who they are? We all do. My number one tip for taking “the perfect photo” is to GET IN CLOSE. Stand closer to the subject you are photographing and zoom in, that way your picture is of the person and not all the stuff around them.
It always makes for a better photo album when the pictures are creative and clear. Here are three versions of the same photo. The first is untouched, the second is slightly zoomed in, and the third shows that you can never get too close.

Great photos always inspire my design...

We are a picture taking people and yeah for that!