June 7, 2008

Scrapbook vs. Photo Album

I am rebelling…rebelling against the term “scrapbooking.” Whenever people ask me what I do I say “I design custom photo albums for families,” and they always question, “photo albums?” And then I do it – I don’t want to but it seems the only way to gain mutual understanding, I say “like scrapbooking.” Immediately they reply “Oh, how cool!” See I feel that the term scrapbooking implies that the albums I create are crafty, full of lace and froof - not that I have anything against froof, but that’s not really what I do. Although my pages have a little spunk, my photo albums are designed to showcase the pictures - not the other way around. After they understand what it is I’m trying to explain, I would just love to give them my whole theory on why I prefer the term photo album instead of scrapbook but I usually never get to (not to worry - I realize that I may be the only one who really cares about the distinction anyway. Oh well.).