July 29, 2010

Sir Paul McCartney

When you think of music legends only a few names come to mind.  This list may vary from person to person but The Beatles can’t help but be on everyone’s list.  Well a few months ago I heard that Sir Paul McCartney was coming into town and I just had to get a ticket to see him.  I mean how often am I going to get the chance to see a Beatle live?!  It was seriously epic and one of the coolest things I have ever done (favorite moment – Helter Skelter).  After the concert was over I told my husband that even though Paul is older now, I totally get the hype and pandemonium the Beatles caused with their cute little British accents.  I would fall for that any day. 

July 27, 2010

Let's Set The Table

Here comes my Martha Stewart side.  Really this is so not like me but I just can’t help it, I want to set tables.  All kinds of tables really – formal, casual, springtime tables, nautical themed tables (of course), fancy, eclectic, teatime tables, etc.  I think it’s because I love tableware.  There are so many great patterns and styles, I just want to throw a party and have everyone eat off these great pieces.  Is anyone on-board with me?  I’ll bring the tableware you bring the fresh flowers. 

Check out these great patterns...

July 22, 2010

Sarah's House

I love the Home and Garden channel.  It is so much fun to watch drab, lifeless houses be rejuvenated and made into great living spaces.  I am always thinking of ways to improve my home (as well as any other home I might be in) through great design and space planning.  My new favorite show on HGTV is Sarah’s House.  Sarah takes old homes with great bones in need of a complete renovation and redesigns room by room.  She has great style and fun ideas.  One of my favorite things is Sarah goes to estate sales and auctions and buys old warn-out furniture and has them reupholstered and refinished.  These are always the best pieces in the room.  I find myself wishing I had an endless budget and sometimes daydream on how I would redesign each room in my house to make it my personal oasis.

Click here to check out some pictures of Sarah’s renovations.

July 20, 2010

What I'm Working On Right Now

Currently I am working on a 50th Anniversary Album.  There is nothing better than using old photos.  I love their nostalgic quality and the color and style of old photos.  I always try to create a space that lends itself to the time period and event of the photos.
This picture is from the album I am working on and I just love it.  The bridesmaids are wearing big dresses, pearl necklaces, white gloves and short veils.  I could just die!  I love the idea of a glamorous bridal party as opposed to the many boring dresses we have our bridesmaids wear these days.  Looks like I need to get married again so I can have my bridesmaids wear short veils – right?!

July 16, 2010

Saturday Morning

Is there anything better than Saturday mornings?  I love sleeping in, being outside, planning a great activity for the day and sometimes cleaning (yes, I really enjoy cleaning – weird, I know).  My husband and I decided to start a new Saturday morning tradition; we are going out to breakfast with friends.  There are so many great breakfast places here in SLC and I just have to try all of them.  Here are a few of my favorites (let me know if you have any other great suggestions, I love to try new places):

July 14, 2010

“Ahoy, I Sail”

I don’t know much about actual sailing or the equipment needed to sail nevertheless, I just love everything about sailboats.  I love the nautical feel, I love the look of the sails, I love when they are in the marina and the tall masts make a great picture, I love the water, I love the idea of wearing boat shoes and cable knit sweaters, I love the bright white color and a touch of cobalt blue.  I guess I feel like there is something dreamlike about the idea of a sailboat and I can’t help but want to frame pictures of them and long for the sailing lifestyle (minus anything to do with fish, of course).  But the best part might be the fact that you have to give your sailboat a completely awesome name – puns welcomed!  So just for sheer fun, what would you name your sailboat???

July 12, 2010

Scrapbooking Classes

Thursday, September 16th  2 - 4pm

I am teaching a new class, a scrapbooking class, and I am really excited!  It will be once a month at the South Jordan Robert’s Arts & Crafts.  Here is the info on my first class, bring all your friends and enjoy some creative scrapin’.

CLICK HERE to see our pre-cut kits and for purchasing info.

July 7, 2010

My Go-To Outfit

Why is it that in a closet full of clothes I can’t find anything to wear?  I have days were I try on 20 different outfits and then just end up wearing something that’s mediocre at best.  Because of these fashion nightmares I like to have my go-to outfit (after hours of waiting my husband made me find one).  When I need to be ready quickly I can just throw something on and know it looks great.  This is my go-to outfit; use it when you’re having one of those days.
Dark Jeans (straight/skinny leg, boyfriend, or wide leg)
Grey Shirt
Bold Necklace
Fun Flats
Bright Lips (with barely there makeup)

July 6, 2010

Independence Day

Oh the patriotic colors…red, white and blue.  This time of year we start to put out our American flags, set tables with red plates and wear blue shirts and white cutoff shorts.  You start to feel that inner pride, the feeling you get when you’re proud to be an American.  I love when the sun starts to set and everyone grabs their blankets and heads outside to watch the fireworks.  This is a great country and I’m very blessed to be born the good ol’ USA.

Enjoy this American classic…

July 2, 2010

Old Movies

My mother provided me with quite the education when it comes to old movies.  At a young age I learned to appreciate the talent of mid-century movie stars.  In those days, it wasn’t enough to just act, you had to sing and dance also.  Rarely today do we see a triple threat like we did so often back then.  Although I’ve seen my fare share of current films, old movies seem to take over my “all-time favorites” list.  Here are three that are at the top (I highly recommend adding them to your Netflix queue). 

My Fair Lady ahh the costumes, amazing!
Pillow Talk love Doris Day!
Singing In The Rain I saw this is at an old theater on Center Street in Logan, Utah, there was an intermission and everything...so cool!