March 25, 2011

Nailed It!

So spring is here and one of the first things I want to do is wear sandals.  I don’t know if my feet are sick of socks and heavy boots but they just want a breath of fresh air.  While I love getting pedicures and manicures sometimes it is just easier (and cheaper) to give yourself the perfect polish.  I love OPI’s color and quality.  They have so many options and on their website {click here to go to OPI's website} you can see exactly what the color will look like before you buy.  Painting your nails is like getting your hair done, you feel like a new women with a great refreshing nail color.  Here are a few colors we must try for spring.

I have always believed that a good nail color can make the best sandal that much better!

March 15, 2011

Easter Treats

Okay – yes, I am talking about candy again.  But you can’t expect Easter to come and go and have me not to talk about my favorite Easter candy.  While jellybeans, chocolate and peanut butter bunnies and colorful malt balls that stain your lips and tongue are all great, my absolute favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury Mini Eggs.  And I know I’m not alone here.  As soon as Valentines Day is over, out come the pinks, greens, and yellows along with baskets, fake grass and colored egg kits.  The seasonal aisle is one of my favorite aisles at the grocery store especially when it contains Cadbury Mini Eggs!  

Now for that perfect basket to put them in…I like this one.

 Check out this LINK for a step by step on how to make the fabric Easter basket - from Moda Bake Shop.

March 8, 2011

David Yurman

I love jewelry.  I mean, what woman doesn’t?  There are so many brands and so many options but I’m always drawn to David Yurman’s chunky yet classic jewelry.  There are too many beautiful pieces that really, they must be collected.

Now if the price tag was a little better!  But there is no need to wait for someone to gift it to you, I love the idea of women buying their own jewelry, it's the independent woman in me.  Like Destiny's Child said "the rocks I'm rocking, I bought it, 'cause I depend on me if I want it!"  (((Did I just quote a Destiny's Child song...oh dear, where did I go wrong.)))

Well...just in case you want to throw your hands up - you can listen here. 

{How this post became about independent women instead of jewelry is beyond me}