March 8, 2011

David Yurman

I love jewelry.  I mean, what woman doesn’t?  There are so many brands and so many options but I’m always drawn to David Yurman’s chunky yet classic jewelry.  There are too many beautiful pieces that really, they must be collected.

Now if the price tag was a little better!  But there is no need to wait for someone to gift it to you, I love the idea of women buying their own jewelry, it's the independent woman in me.  Like Destiny's Child said "the rocks I'm rocking, I bought it, 'cause I depend on me if I want it!"  (((Did I just quote a Destiny's Child song...oh dear, where did I go wrong.)))

Well...just in case you want to throw your hands up - you can listen here. 

{How this post became about independent women instead of jewelry is beyond me}