May 28, 2010

Pack Your Bags (with a bunch of new stuff) – It’s Time to Hit the Road!

I recently discovered a new website that really excites me –  Gilt has great deals on high-end fashion, home goods and jewelry.  Items are up to 70 percent off and they offer new products almost daily.  My favorite part of Gilt is the amazing deals on travel.  This section is called Jetsetter and they offer great prices on hip hotels all over the globe. With Jetsetter’s steals on great hotels we can go places we only dreamed about before (or probably couldn’t afford until Gilt came along).  I also enjoy discovering new places I never even knew about, case in point Ixtapa, Mexico’s Capella Resort which was featured on Gilt a few weeks ago…breathtaking!

Click here to sign up for a free account and enjoy the best deals of your life.

May 26, 2010

Give…to Get a Response

There are many occasions to give a gift – sometimes too many.  Birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day, Christmas, graduations, new baby, weddings, Eagle Scout awards, etc.  I have such a hard time getting new ideas for gifts that mean something especially for the person that has everything.  We at Memoir have made it easy for you.  We provide a beautiful “gift” album that includes fifteen 8”x8” custom-designed pages.  Those photos you took while on your weekend trip to the Grand Canyon would make the perfect gift for your best friend on her birthday.

Email us at to get pricing and design information.  Then watch the awesome reaction you get to this stunning gift.

May 25, 2010

Who Doesn’t Love Fresh Flowers?

Why, as women, do we just die when someone sends us flowers?  I love the line in You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan’s character says, “Don’t you think that daisy’s are the friendliest flower?”  I think they evoke joy in me.  When I look through my design magazines (see Guilty Pleasure…Anyone?) I take note of the way the rooms are staged.  Have you noticed that in the kitchen they always set the table with beautiful china and what else…fresh flowers.  I remember watching MTV Cribs years ago and they showed Pamela Anderson’s shabby chic beach house.  She mentioned that fresh flowers are delivered every week.  While that may be a little excessive for most of us, I think a great  floral display in your main room and maybe one in your bedroom is just enough to keep you smiling all day.

These arrangements are from Utah Style & Design.

May 24, 2010

Let’s Talk About Photos

I adore photos – simple as that.  And the idea of surrounding myself with all my favorite photos makes me so happy.  It’s this love of photos that pushed me to start Memoir.  Designing beautiful places for wonderful photos to be displayed and looked upon often is truly rewarding.  Try something new with your photos, put a glass cover over your desk or coffee table and stick random snapshots under the glass.  It’s a fun way to keep memories close to you.  Enjoy…