April 7, 2010

Sweet Factory

All I can say is ‘It’s not my fault!’ I have a serious sweet tooth that was no doubt passed down through the generations, given to my mom by my grandma and then finally ending up with me. I have learned many things from my mother but none so important as how to eat a balanced breakfast of vanilla coconut frosting off last night’s cake. I still don’t understand why she wouldn’t want the cake with the frosting but that’s how she worked. In my family, we never skimp on the dessert – case in point the fifty-dollar Godiva chocolate cheesecake – so rich I seriously can’t eat more than one bite. Although my mother loved her cakes and frostings my vice is CANDY. Mostly sugar, sour gummy candies. My favorite thing to do while I am shopping is stop at a Sweet Factory or anything like it and get a “goodie bag” (who says they are just for 5-year-olds). I keep it in my purse for a couple days and just snack here and there. I’m telling you there is nothing more heavenly than candy, so go ahead and try some of my favorites.

Dylan’s Candy Bar has some great packaging and fun favorites and they ship it strait to your door…what could be more delightful!

Harry & David has tons of gift packages and amazing popcorn (Moose Munch) I love sending these as gifts and it’s even better receiving them.

Haribo candies are divine; I love the fruit salad and peaches!

Sweet Factory, you have to check out this wonderland of a store and get your own “goodie bag.”