September 28, 2009

Fall Fashion

I absolutely love clothes – what women doesn’t? And now that fall is upon us it is time to update our wardrobes with a few key pieces. Through many hours of browsing magazines and catalogs I have found my favorite looks for fall 2009. Remember any fashion can be adapted to your own personal style and comfort level, don’t be intimidated by new styles embrace them. And why you are embracing new styles try these trends for something different…enjoy!

TIGHTS – I love the idea of tights with shorts. We all have a pair of plain black tights for winter but now it’s time to grab a unique pair and wear them with everything. These are all from J.Crew.
DENIM – Yes, I know that the 80’s are over but these aren’t bejeweled, ripped or acid washed jeans (although you can find those out there) these embody the entire world of classic denim. Dark and skinny are my favorite but straight leg look good on everyone. Roll the bottom a few times for a more relaxed look and don’t be afraid of the jean jacket – just don’t wear it with jean pants, try black leggings or a casual dress. These are from Urban Outfitters and
BLAZER – Every woman has to have a blazer! The great thing is that you can literally pair them with anything and it instantly makes jeans and a t-shirt look chic. Roll up the sleeves to be a little more urban. These are from Anthropologie & J.Crew.