February 17, 2009

“Let them buy shoes!”

Someone once told me the reason they loved shoes so much was because they always fit. Isn’t that true, clothes never fit the way you want them to but you can always count on shoes fitting and looking great. I am on the hunt for the perfect shoe, the black boot. I found zappos.com a couple years ago and absolutely love it. They have a huge shoe selection, lots of great brands and best of all – they have free overnight shipping! Yep, if you order your shoes by 2 p.m. today they are on your doorstep tomorrow. And if your shoes don’t fit then you print off one of their labels and send it right back free of charge! This is seriously the greatest thing to me! These Calvin Klein boots are so fabulous and classic. Click on the link to check out zappos.com!

***Since writing this post Zappos has done away with free overnight shipping - dang economy! However, they do still provide free standard shipping.