January 31, 2011

Potter Party

This past November the first part in the Harry Potter finale was released and many fans flocked to theaters dressed up in their best wizard costume.  I have read all the Harry Potter books and consider myself to be a big fan – although I doubt I would ever dress up to see the movie.  So you can imagine how excited I was to get invited to a private screening the day before it was to be released.  Yes!  I was even more pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the theater and there was Honeydukes sashes on the back of each chair, I was offered popcorn, soda and flow powder (fun dip), I was given the most current edition of the Daily Prophet but to enter I had to give them my much needed ticket for the Night Bus (admission ticket).  I was thrown into the world of Harry Potter I couldn’t have loved it more! 

The DVD comes out in a couple months and I thought that, taking your cue from my experience, a Harry Potter themed party would be so much fun to throw.  Invite everyone over for a private screening of the movie, do a contest for the best costume and don’t forget to send them their ticket for the Night Bus or they’ll never make it to your party.

Note: If you don’t know anything about Harry Potter other than he wears big round glasses then just discard everything above (and you’re missing out!).

Design credited to Ferrari Color.

January 24, 2011


Ah, the things you get to enjoy when you live in Utah – world class snow, amazing hiking and biking trails, gorgeous mountains, Zion’s National Park (just to name one of the National Parks here), the red cliffs, etc.  So many great things to enjoy but it’s January now and one of my favorite things to do in January is go to the Sundance Film Festival.  There is so much to do and Park City is just packed with people from all over the world.  In the last few years I have started attending movies and concerts at the festival and I really enjoy being apart of the excitement.  I make sure we go to a premier (the first screening of the movie at the Festival) because the cast attends and there is a Q & A with them after the movie.  You get to hear so much more about the whole process of making the movie and get a little slice of the director’s vision.  After the festival is over there is buzz about movies that were purchased by major studios and then months later you will see that one of the films is now playing in normal theaters.  It is very exciting to be apart of it all and I highly recommend visiting the Sundance Film Festival if you ever get the chance. 

January 10, 2011

All About The Photos

I have been working on such a wonderful photo album this past month and just love what my clients wanted done.  They didn’t want any froof or extras – this album was going to be all about the photos.  I fit as many pictures on a 12” by 12” page as possible with a few words explaining the event.  I’m really excited to show the client the finished product; especially because this is the first Memoir album they’ve had done.  I know they are just going to love it. 

January 4, 2011


It’s a new year and I swear that time just goes faster and faster with each passing day.  Now that 2011 has come along with all our new years resolutions we are going to have to work that much harder to fit them into the hours in the week that are just flying by us.  I have thought of my own resolutions and decided they are so unoriginal – like the rest of the world I want to exercise more.  I want to adapt it into my lifestyle.  I have visions of waking up early and doing Pilates, eating fresh fruit with yogurt for breakfast, organizing the house a little and running a few errands then I’d start my work day.  Currently I roll out of bed and start work 5 minutes later.  Oh no, during the last 20 seconds I’ve added another goal to my resolutions – use my time more efficiently.  I don’t think this blog post is helping.  Well I really am excited about 2011 and hope that we all will be able to accomplish something on our resolution list.  Lets just start with number 1 and then we’ll see how we feel.  

*picture from lonnymag.com