January 24, 2011


Ah, the things you get to enjoy when you live in Utah – world class snow, amazing hiking and biking trails, gorgeous mountains, Zion’s National Park (just to name one of the National Parks here), the red cliffs, etc.  So many great things to enjoy but it’s January now and one of my favorite things to do in January is go to the Sundance Film Festival.  There is so much to do and Park City is just packed with people from all over the world.  In the last few years I have started attending movies and concerts at the festival and I really enjoy being apart of the excitement.  I make sure we go to a premier (the first screening of the movie at the Festival) because the cast attends and there is a Q & A with them after the movie.  You get to hear so much more about the whole process of making the movie and get a little slice of the director’s vision.  After the festival is over there is buzz about movies that were purchased by major studios and then months later you will see that one of the films is now playing in normal theaters.  It is very exciting to be apart of it all and I highly recommend visiting the Sundance Film Festival if you ever get the chance.