July 22, 2010

Sarah's House

I love the Home and Garden channel.  It is so much fun to watch drab, lifeless houses be rejuvenated and made into great living spaces.  I am always thinking of ways to improve my home (as well as any other home I might be in) through great design and space planning.  My new favorite show on HGTV is Sarah’s House.  Sarah takes old homes with great bones in need of a complete renovation and redesigns room by room.  She has great style and fun ideas.  One of my favorite things is Sarah goes to estate sales and auctions and buys old warn-out furniture and has them reupholstered and refinished.  These are always the best pieces in the room.  I find myself wishing I had an endless budget and sometimes daydream on how I would redesign each room in my house to make it my personal oasis.

Click here to check out some pictures of Sarah’s renovations.