July 14, 2010

“Ahoy, I Sail”

I don’t know much about actual sailing or the equipment needed to sail nevertheless, I just love everything about sailboats.  I love the nautical feel, I love the look of the sails, I love when they are in the marina and the tall masts make a great picture, I love the water, I love the idea of wearing boat shoes and cable knit sweaters, I love the bright white color and a touch of cobalt blue.  I guess I feel like there is something dreamlike about the idea of a sailboat and I can’t help but want to frame pictures of them and long for the sailing lifestyle (minus anything to do with fish, of course).  But the best part might be the fact that you have to give your sailboat a completely awesome name – puns welcomed!  So just for sheer fun, what would you name your sailboat???