February 24, 2011


mem o ra bil i a
[mem-er-uh-bil-ee-uh, -bil-yuh]

- plural noun, singular  -o rab i le

  1. mementos; souvenirs
  2. matters or event worthy to be remembered; points worthy of note.

When I design albums I must have all the pamphlets, tickets, maps, cards, passes, receipts etc. as possible.  These things carry so much character with them.  The bent corners and creases add to the style and excite the memories.  I am working on a European album and I just love all the ticket stubs that marry beautifully with the photos.  My mother had a scrapbook as a teenager and she included fabric swatches from the prom dress she made and posters to road shows.  It is one of my favorite books and I am so glad to have the extra element of texture and dimension.  In working closely with clients about their photos many feel like no one would be interested in their memories.  Well I beg to differ, the generation that follows you will treasure every thought and experience.

I’m joining the Save Everything of Importance then put it in an Album team!