June 4, 2010

A Different Time

Sometimes I wish I lived in 19th century England.  It was such a fascinating time.  I love the way they talked and how important a reputation was.  Women worked hard developing talents to be considered ‘accomplished’ (even if it was just to find a good husband).  They dressed up for everything and took month long vacations.  What a life.  Although we have come a long way since then with women’s rights and class distinctions, movies and books about this time period remain my favorite to watch and read.  

“No one can be really esteemed accomplished who does not greatly surpass what is usually met with.  A woman must have a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing and the modern languages to deserve the word.  And besides all this she must possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions or the word will be but half deserved.”
                    - Miss Caroline Bingley, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen