August 10, 2010

I Love The 90's

In my work I am constantly going down memory lane, albeit someone else’s lane, nonetheless I guess you could say I'm living in the past.  While sorting through many old photos I can’t help but laugh at things we used to wear, listen to and do.  Take a ride with me and lets remember some of the best the 90’s had to offer (they are all links so you can delve deeper into memory lane if needed).

Scrunchies – Why?!  My friend wears a scrunchie at night; she says it doesn’t rip her hair out like an elastic does – come on. 
Kris Kross – “daddy mac’ll make you, Jump Jump”
Saved by the Bell – Taught me all my teen lessons like don’t take pills to help you study.  “I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so…scared,” deep stuff.
Doc Martins – they were so heavy, I’d drag my feet for a month until I got used to them.
Biker shorts – no one looked good in these but we sure did love them.
Titanic – I don’t even want to admit how many times I saw this movie.  It’s embarrassing.
Bob Ross – I used to watch him paint “happy trees” every Saturday morning
Ace of Base – I remember making up dances to “I Saw the Sign”
Cool Runnings – “Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up it’s bobsled time” (said in a Jamaican accent)
John Stockton’s short shorts – I think basketball should go back to short shorts, doesn’t everyone?
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – “In west Philadelphia born and raised…”